How To Enlarge The Penile Anatomy

Written by Bigger Johnson on July 15th, 2014

Before starting on the male enhancement program to Enlarge your Penis you need to have some knowledge of how your penis is made and how it works.

See the diagram below which outlines just how your penis is made up.

How To EnLARGE Your Penis The  Anatomy Of A Penis

Sections of the penis:
Glans Penis or Head is the whole head or the tip of your penis.
Corpora Cavernosa are two sponge-like sections of whats known as the erectile tissue located on either side of your penis which become engorged with blood from arteries in the penis and creating your erection.
Dorsal Vein is the main vein on the top side of your penis.
Urethra is the tube that carries semen and urine.
Corona or Crown is the ridge of flesh where the head of your penis and shaft are joined.
Corpus Spongiosum is the spongy tissue surrounding and protecting the urethra.

As you can see from the cross-section diagram, there are two main sections to your penis, the corpora cavernosa. These two sections are responsible for your penis becoming engorged with blood and creating your erection.

These sections create pressure on the tunica albuginea and the blood becomes trapped inside the corpora cavernosa, creating your erection.

The corpus spongiosum also becomes filled with blood but this is to protect the urethra soft tissue and to allow ejaculation.

The size or the capacity within the corpora cavernosa is the single most important factor of the size or dimensions of your penis, the larger this vessel is, the bigger your penis will be when erect.

Except for surgery to enlarge your penis, most penis enlargement methods are based around increasing the capacity or the volume of blood the corpora cavernosa can contain.

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